Friday, August 5, 2011

Hamptons Designer Showhouse: Rosemarie Petruzzellis

Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the grand opening party of the Hamptons Designer showhouse. I jumped at the chance to see the house but also to tour that area of Long Island as I hadn't visited before.

Some amazing decorators were invited to work on the project, as we have all seen many places online, but I thought in the next few posts I'd show some of my favorite areas and details that I happened to notice while there.

Strangely enough, but as is often the case, my favorite rooms weren't the grand spaces on the main ground floor done by the big names, but rather the smaller rooms located on the 2nd floor and the lower level (where the best of the best work had been done in my opinion).

Two of the first smaller rooms which blew me away were the 'his' and 'hers' dressing rooms (closets really) which had been taken on by the decorative artist Rosemarie Petruzzellis of The Paint Palette.

I believe I may have actually seen Rosemarie at the opening party over drinks on the pool deck as I saw someone in eye-catching pants painted EXACTLY like the bright green Lady's dressing room, but I was distracted by seeing my friend Emily Eerdmans whom I spent the majority of the evening talking with because as we all know, she is so unbelievably interesting and distracting!

If one can't have fun in their private closet at their beach house, where can you really let loose? I love this wild abandon on the walls both in the 'his' and the 'her' dressing areas.

The rooms were decorated as if in use, with clothes tossed around (much like my own closet!), you half expected the bathing suit and towels strewn about to be wet. I imagine she raided her own closet as well as her husband's in furnishing the clothing!

The bright orange wall color in 'his' closet is grounded against a dark ground with a green stripe (much like faux panels) which would really help to cheerfully wake you up while dressing in the morning -I love painted 'architecture' like this.

No detail was left untouched, even the door stop to the 'his' closet is a cute cast iron dog. Who wouldn't love a dressing area like either of these!

Rosemarie can be reached via facebook under the name of 'the-paint-palette' or at paintpalette2k @ yahoo . com


pve design said...

I was thinking white for my closets...but now that you have shared this with me...hmmm. Maybe a fun color!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Patricia -just say yes to a fun color; Imagine a sunny yellow or a dramatic red!

JWC said...

The black, orange, and green closet is to die for... wish I could do that to my current one.

cotedetexas said...

i love the bright colors, but the dog is soo cute!!! i have never been to the hamptons. so sad. i really need to get out.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

"His" closet looks like a modern Pompeii fresco to me.

Anonymous said...

Well iI think its like the american economy "Shite"