Monday, April 18, 2011

French Matting

This past weekend I tackled a project I have been contemplating for awhile. You may remember a few years ago, the generous Patricia from PVE designed my blog header that you see today. She sent me the original watercolor and I've refrained from having it framed because I've debated turning the mat into a French mat.
A true French mat incorporates lines, watercolored borders and the occasional bit of marbelized paper. My bastardized version includes only the marbelized paper but I think it adds a little something to the overall look and feel of the drawing. I hope Patricia doesn't mind my interference with her work! I plan on having it framed (finally) in the next month and will be sure to show you all the final result!


Renée Finberg said...

i remember when Patricia did that for you!!!
so nice......
bastardized or not....
i think it looks fabulous.
now the frame?

pve design said...

Honestly, I am flattered and anxious to see her framed, marbles and all. :) You are a dear.

patrick roullier said...

Nice, You should also try to silver leaf or revese paint the framing glass, It isn't hard, and always looks great with Architectural artwork or etchings. Enjoy your posts! Keep up the good work! Patrick

The Down East Dilettante said...

I think it all looks fabu---mat and watercolor.

I'm always weak for French mats---wish I had as good an eye and steady a hand (and patience) as you.

Hermesmerized© the duchessofH said...

I had no idea of what a French mat was, but I do think it draws you in, to the watercolour.