Monday, April 5, 2010

End of the blossoms

This past weekend saw the last of the famous cherry blossoms here in Washington. Despite that, the crowds must have been record breaking as I've never seen so many people. Lets blame the gorgeous weather!
At the top you saw the Washington Memorial reflected in the tidal basin, surrounded by the beautiful pink blossoms. On the mall across from the Jefferson memorial, many families had set up picnic blankets: such a great idea!
Sadly, the primary walkway surrounding the Tidal Basin seems to have structural problems and will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming year. Signs posted occasionally warned of that fact. The walk is sinking into the water! See it dip down into the basin on the right hand side?
Here is a pretty closeup of a cherry blossom branch. I think I like the end of the cycle best, when some green leaves are grown for contrast.
I think everything is prettier when framed by the blossoms. This year, fewer paddle boats seemed to be out on the water, despite the beautiful weather, but you see one above.
The Roosevelt memorial, probably my favorite here in DC, was a little less crowded than other parts of the Tidal Basin. The quote from Roosevelt above reads:
Men and Nature must work hand in hand. The throwing out of balance of the resources of Nature throws out of balance also the lives of men.
One of the many fountains. If you haven't been to the Roosevelt Memorial, make sure your first visit is at night or dusk, when it is dramatically lit through the water.
Weeping cherry blossoms or just heavy branches?!
While not a cherry blossom, I couldn't resist taking a photograph of this stunning tree's bloom. Does anyone know what this is?
I hope you enjoyed my photographs!


Angela said...

Hi, The blossoms there are stunning, but I live in tokyo and let me tell you that today the sun is shining and the sakura as they are know in Japan are spectacular, just heading out to Hanami (cherry blossom viewing!) Beautiful photos nonetheless!

Happy day

Angela x

Marija said...

This makes me want to live on the East Coast. Or at least visit. Very sincerely, your pictures are getting really really good here. Second to last is my favorite.


Karena said...

The blooms are just beginning here in Kansas city, a sight to behold!

Art by Karena

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Stefan, gorgeous fotos-as always. thanks for the glimpses. pgt

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

These blossoms are so beautiful and expertly photographed too. Thanks for sharing, Stefan.

MonsieurMonsieur said...

Sad to see them go, but think of everything else coming our way! Magnolias for one!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Wouldn't it be fun to take an organized travel trip that just traveled one after the other to see the blossoms in different parts of the world at their peak bloom times? I think that trip could last weeks!
Monsieur, our magnolias are starting: beautiful!

DAM said...

AD: I read in the post that Friday was the second highest metro ridership in history after Obama's election...

ArchitectDesign™ said...

DAM, I'd believe it! I took the metro Saturday and I've never seen it so crowded. It must have been a close 3rd, ha!

home before dark said...

Maybe a collective need to see some beauty in our capital where there has been so much ugliness (congress) this year. Is my memory correct that the Jefferson Memorial is often referred to as the "cupcake" A cherry cupcake perhaps? Thank you for the daily loveliness.

p.s. my word verification today is applest. As in the cherries are swell, but lest you forget the crapapples are backstage getting ready for their spring debut, too. Happy finally spring.

Angela said...

We already had the wonderful magnolias here in Tokyo, just waiting for the peonies to bloom, can't wait, they are a sight and smell sensation!


A Small Garden Obsession said...

Great photos, Stefan. The last picture is of an acer japonicum (Japanese Maple). They're beautiful as their least unfurl and modest blossoms reveal themselves.

Summer is a Verb said...

Was really homesick for DC this weekend...XXOO

Unknown said...

great photos, stefan!