Sunday, January 17, 2010

A cozy retreat

We have a long holiday weekend (in reverence of Martin Luther King) and the weather here in DC is decidely cozy: Cold and rainy. One of my favorite past-times is taking an evening walk. Everything looks so beautiful in the dark and you catch private glimpses into houses (nothing voyeuristic, I just want to see the house!). While in Paris one evening , we caught a glimpse into this cozy retreat in St. Germaine. I love the very rustic interior (those old beams!) paired with the very refined exterior of the building (that balcony and carved head!).


Terry said...

Window peaking keeps retains the mystery. What is it like up there?

Things That Inspire said...

Joni gave me this tip last year - she recommended that I do my dog walks at 7 pm so that I could glimpse into some of the beautiful homes of Atlanta (and, specifically, Dan Carithers' home).

Alas, 7 pm is 'the witching hour' for a person with three kids - no way I can break away for a dog walk.

Michael Mattison said...

Stefan -- I love that one of your hobbies is evening walks where you can, inobtrusively, see into people's apartments. :-) I discovered this hobby myself several years ago in London, where the townhouses are built so close to the sidewalk that you can't help but look inside during your evening, post-dinner constitutional. (Those white townhouses in Chelsea or South Kensington! Endless post material.)

La Petite Gallery said...

Paris is lovely to walk anytime,
sounds like you had a great trip.


Window Picking - I have to say that is also one of my hobbies - I just love to see the glimpse of a chandelier light or ceiling detail like in this case.

The Arrrrrgalls said...

Speaking of "Peaking in", I am peaking in on your BEAUTIFUL blog. I live in Asheville, NC and I saw that you had pics of the Biltmore house. I love that house and it's grounds more than words can say. It will have to do till I can go to europe and see the real amazing architecture. Anyway, I'm with you on the late walks just to see the interior of the home, and how people decorate. Thanks again for the beautiful blog!

Lize said...

Oh , this is one of my favourite hobbies too! But the story I want to tell you has nothing to do with the decor, or colour I could see inside the hpouse... which is what I normally 'spy' on. And there is NOTHING as charming as that glimpse of a room through a window when you are the outsider standing in the dark. (Only ever so slightly different from a peeping Tom, come to think about it!)

Our summer house is on an island in the province of Quebec, and every night, without exception, we would take a walk, to admiring the large 'picture' windows of the houses set amidst the green gardens and mature trees. One night, we could hear Irish Music all the way up the hill. As we went around the bend, the house from where it originated came into full view.

The windows were opened wide, the whole house was ablaze with light, and there, in the largest window, a boy was 'River' dancing his heart out! We stood watching for a while (he was a very good dancer), and then we continued our walk.
That house was on the market at the time, and about a week later that family moved, but we always pass that house with hope of seeing something out of the ordinary again!

Anonymous said...

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