Monday, September 21, 2009

Hotel des Academies et des Arts

While in Paris, Heather & I were honored to be asked by Mr & Mrs. Smith (the fascinating hotel reviewers) for our opinion of a new property in their collection: the Hotel des Academies et des Arts .Just behind the Luxembourg Gardens and a few blocks from the famous Montparnasse cemetary, this hotel is just slightly off the touristy beaten track but still close to everything. Most convienent, I thought, was that it was just off the blue line RER straight to the airport!On a small street full of quaint shops and artist studios just off the Place Pablo Picasso, you get your full share of what a street should be in Montparnasse.We loved this cute shoe repair shop across the street -how convienent (and opens EARLY). You know...just in case you scuff your heels!Views of the street from our hotel room. Above you see the Place Pablo Picasso which houses some really great cafes.The small lobby has a manager 24/7, so there was always someone there to bother with our touristy questions. They always had an answer and not all of our questions were so easy! Also -they all spoke English which proved really useful.The library lays just off the lobby - we had breakfast on this comfy couch each morning! Notice the first of many paintings of artist models climbing ladders -a theme throughout the hotel.Off the library was the small dining room which was open to guests for breakfast but also to the public for afternoon tea. Doesn't this look like a chic apartment?Upon checking into our room we were surprised with Pierre Herme macaroons! We were excited to try these as we had been living on macaroons and I'm sad to say we were a bit disappointed; We preferred the Laduree!
The room was very comfortable, stylish as you can see by these examples and each room was different. They featured the artists' model though in different and creative guises!
As Heather mentioned already, the rooms are cozy (as all Parisian rooms are it turns out!) so keep that in mind when traveling with others. Definitely room for 2 people with very effiicient closet space.
The rooms on the rear of the hotel, like this one above, seemed to have a bit more room. Our room faced the street but was very quiet (very important for light sleepers like me!)
The artist model appeared everywhere - even on the rear courtyard!
Even the elevator had a window in it so you could watch the artist models climb the elevator shaft - really clever I thought! Saves you the ackward moments of eye contact with strangers on the elevator for sure: watch the art instead!

I would heartily recommend this hotel to people who have been to Paris before. I think we were lucky to stay in a hotel in the heart of the tourist areas for our first few days and get the lay of the land, then move to a more authentic area for the rest of our stay. The hotel was beautiful, elegant with amazing service and still only steps away from everything. Definitely worth a stay on your visit to Paris!


Landscape Designer said...

This hotel sounds wonderful! I will keep it in mind for my next trip to Paris. I wait with baited breath your comments on Versailles and Le Petit Trianon,

pve design said...

Indeed, a wonderful hotel off the beaten path.
Please see my post today - I did think of you, with the architecture, which always happens.
Pierre Herme makes the most incredible cake with roses and lychee, macaron, which I enjoyed for my in-laws 50th Anniv. -"Incredible!"

Rebecca M Paz said...

I absolutely love these pictures! I was in Paris this past summer, wish I had known about this place sooner. Im always looking for authentic places to stay at. We own apartments and rent them for vacations and so I love doing that when I visit a new place, but this seems so much better. Thanks for this great post! Ill be sure to try to book it the next time im there!


thomas said...

Great hotel photos. Looks like a fantastic place to stay.

home before dark said...

I was intrigued by the art on the front facade, but it began to wear on me, and in the end I was itching for a computer version of Kilz. Was it overwhelming in person? Seems so overdone for a space that didn't need all that theminess going on. Other than that, it looked charming. I, too, wait for the AD reveal of Versailles and Le Petit Trianon.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Sandra, I took so many pictures of those 2 places that the posts will be big productions that I've put off so far -look for them soon though!

Pve, I read your blog everyday! I'm flattered you think of me :-)

Rebecca - perfect place to stay next time - really a luxury b&b!

Thomas -we loved it!

HBD - it's not as obvious when you are actually there -it only slowly dawns on you and brings a smile to your face. I didn't notice how many there were till I was looking at my photographs later! It just sort of ties it all together.

Style Redux 2 said...

I really like the colors they used and love the artist's models.

Samantha said...

Wow, what a beautiful hotel room. I love that artist's models. How unique.

the paris apartment said...

What a wonderful hotel. The artist model is so unique and what fun to see them everywhere. Looking forward to your trip to Versailles!

jackscribe said...

Triple WOW! How unique...and how homoerotic. I'm anxious to see the hotel in person.

Kwana said...

What a beautiful and chic hotel. Thanks for sharing your great pics.

Kathleen said...

Those are terrific photos. That red sofa is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them.

Off the List said...

Whilst running through the Paris sales I came across four lots by the artist who must have decorated the hotel - Jerome Mesnager (born 1961). Sadly I cannot post the specific link as one has to have passwords etc but the saleroom is