Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Restoration Hardware

Can we talk about Restoration Hardware for a minute? They really have their game on lately in my humble opinion! I'm not talking about those hideous lamps they're really pushing lately which shall remain nameless here (which i like in concept but they just really got the scale totally wrong. Just wrong like whacked out hard-core beefy lamps and not the delicate beautiful lamps that they really WANT to be....but I digress) but some other items. I'm loving this statement piece they call the entablature mirror (which is what it is really, no weird name here). It's huge; great for taking up a whole wall in a room as shown or in a foyer. Imagine it in a bathroom or dressing room! Now we're talking.... that would be so wonderful.Now, I worry about the quality of this piece just a bit. If you look in the upper corners at the medalian'ish urns - those worry me a bit. They look very pasted on like an afterthought. I'm not losing sleep over it though, I love these mirrors. I wish the mirror itself was done in an antique finish though as they're obviously meant to look weathered and old. That is an easy fix if you're already shelling out the 3.2k for the piece - mirror is cheap. And really...I guess a lot of people who buy new things want them to look new (which is sad in my opinion, or at least not how I see the world).
Now, my #1 hobby, other than writing this blog, is the perpetual search for a better daybed than the crap one I have from west elm (sorry west elm, I still think you're a great place for fun inexpensive home fresheners!). Do you know how hard it is to find a non-feminine and non-ugly daybed? Impossible! I'm really loving this antique empirish daybed that RH offers though called the Marston. They've had it awhile but I'm only recently appreciating it.I logged into their website to see details on it from the catalog but I came across this piece of perfection.This is my dream daybed - the 'Atwood'. When I say I want a real piece of furniture daybed, that isn't girly, old fashioned or bedroomy -this is what I want. This is beautiful and if it was in my currently slim budget I would buy it NOW, EXCEPT...(yes there is an except) for the UGLY visible hinges that are hard to see in this image but are OH so there - right under the mattress and above the runner board. Would it really be so hard to do an invisible hinge, RH? Really? This design choice makes me lose sleep. But no, if I had the money I would go out and buy this tomorrow -no really! I just hope those hinges wouldn't scratch me when I get up in the middle of the night.I really love this 'larkspur' daybed too -even though it verges on being a little 'arts and crafts' which isn't normally my thing for my own house. It's not girly, it's not neccesarily bedroomy and it's simple. It's well designed. Is that so hard to ask for in a daybed? Apparently it is everywhere except at RH. Seriously - go look! I dare you!I've always loved their Delaney collection of upholstery. It's just basic, classic and comfy. LOVE the symmetry of the reading lamps flanking the sofas in this photo. It bothers me there are no magazines on the coffee table though....I mean -REALLY bothers me. The last picture is just for laughs a bit. They have these really great bullseye mirrors that they call their 'portal' mirror -which above is seen in a bedroom. HOWEVER-potential staging problem. Reflected in the mirror is what appears to be a grand piano....in a bedroom......as well as a rather un-staged and uninviting room. OOPS! Be careful what you photograph in mirrors people - remember they reflect the room! This can't have been on purpose? Or maybe they just didn't think anyone would notice? Did I let the cat out of the bag?
This has been an unpaid announcement brought to you from me. If you care to purchase any of the said fabulous items, from Restoration Hardware -tell them I sent you. Maybe they'll send me a gift basket.....OR THE ATWOOD DAYBED *hint hint*. In my dreams........ Happy decorating!


Grant K. Gibson said...

I just LOVE that mirror.
I saw it and thought- OH I WANT that!

Meade Design Group - Iván Meade said...

Great entry!

The Atwood day bed is my personal favourite as well.

Restoration Hardware definitely needs to send you the Atwood daybed - how many great post you can write about that daybed, here are some examples: The day you receive it (Welcome Home Atwood day bed!), the special place where you are going to place it, the first party around the Atwood day bed, writing an entry on the Atwood daybed and many many more entries.

Honestly Restoration Hardware, now I am totally curious and I have to read all this new entries by Architect Design - I think you need to send this piece to this talented writer ASAP.

pve design said...

I think that you should design your daybed and have it made. I work with a wonderful carpenter who has made many things for me. That way, you can design it exactly as you specify, the type of wood, the lines, the size, the hinges, and all!
Please show us your day bed design!

Just sayin' :) said...

Maybe they put something bland in the portal mirror's reflection so as not to distract us from the staged section of the room?

Things That Inspire said...

I love your attention to detail - I never would have noticed the reflection in the mirror.

Kwana said...

Love the daybeds.You're right its gorgeous. To funny about the piano in the mirror.

JeanetteS said...

I am a big fan of all things architectural which is why I love the RH mirror, just not the price.

As for daybeds, I did see one on Horchow's website that I would consider masculine:


And this one has some nice design features too:


Happy shopping!

Pigtown-Design said...

You know... they're still having monthly warehouse sales at their place north of baltimore.

Toby Worthington said...

Loved this post, Stefan, and I totally agree with you about the dearth of handsome day beds in most catalogues or showroom floors. True, those projecting hinges could be a problem when staggering from bed to your morning coffee, but the simplicity of its design
redeems matters.

Style Redux 2 said...

Great post with wonderful pieces. Don't get me started on those awful lamps. I think the piano in the bedroom is for those of us who want to do Caberet night in the bedroom. Interesting idea.

ArchitectDesign said...

Grant, that mirror would look so great in your place: The tone and the style of it!

Ivan, It would be appreciate and I would blog about it everyday! lol

Pve, I couldn't agree with you more, but no skilled carpenters that I am familiar with. I took a woodworking class in college and designed and built a small table (which i still have in storage..) so could do it myself if i had a woodshop!

TTI, it's a curse! I notice these small little inconsequential details and can't see the big picture!

Jeanette, I never thought of Horschow! Those are fabulous beds, the one in particular and the price is much more attractive than the RH one! Something to think about!

PD, I need to get up there one of these days!

Toby, I just KNOW I would scratch myself on those hinges everyday and would stare at them all the time. They would be all I see!

SR, talk about spicing up the bedroom!

home before dark said...

We have a daybed similar to the RH sleigh bed but it is by Grange. You should look at the construction! Elegant for KD furniture sent from France.If you think you might someday build a daybed, the details (that don't show) might impress you. The mirror is stunning. Thank you for the image, it will haunt me. Not having thousands to spend on such, I've been forced to be more like Tony Douquette. A new mirror with good bones (dare I say Hobby Lobby) with a great deal, and I mean great deal of gesso, rubbing down between coats. You know the drill, can result in its own beauty.

katiedid said...

LOVE your choices, and all of your commetns on the details. That mirror reflection is hilarious!

David said...

I'm generally a fan of RH, and I think that mirror is a knockout. My bedroom lamps and all my bathroom fixtures are theirs, and we've had nothing but their towels since they started selling them.

That said, is anyone else put off by the "streamlining" of things in the catalog and on the website? Every lamp comes in every finish. Every sofa frame comes in X number of fabrics, each in X number of colors. I suppose it maximizes the choices, but it just seems to suck the joy right out of the process. Maybe it's just me.

little augury said...

I always love to look at these catalogs- and the glimpses you gave are terrific. That mirror- I assumed was a prop to sell the rest. Great mirror- great eye- Spot on. G

ArchitectDesign said...

HBD, I know the daybed you mean! This one is very similar, maybe different construction quality is all. I'll have to go to the dc design showroom to check out the Grange version of it.

Katie, It's all about the details!

David, They have GREAT lamps -all of my lampshades are from there. I like that they offer more choices -that way everyone doesn't have the same exact piece in the same exact finish. I like the choices (but sometimes too many choices is a bit overkill, I agree -hard to make a decision when they all look great!).

Augury, that mirror can be yours, I always assume the most interesting items are props as well, but not in this case! They say it's in limited supply...i wonder what that means in numbers!

My Notting Hill said...

The mirror is amazing - I never would have guessed it is from RH. You are so right about the reflection in the bullseye mirror!

Habitually Chic said...

I was also going to say that I never would have guessed that mirror was from Restoration Hardware! It looks like a lovely French flea market find! I'm impressed! It's also too bad that an upholstered daybed would probably be too expensive. I loved the examples I've seen at Kips Bay!

YSLGuy said...

Great choices! I love the daybeds.

Cote de Texas said...

I just used that same mirror in a job I showed on my blog - go look at it. Tanglewood Redo. It made the room imo.

I was floored, floored when i saw the new catalogue - its gorgeous.

thomas said...

i have second that comment about the restoration hardware stepping up their game.

Randy Sloan said...

The jury is still out for me with regards to the identity change at RH. Love elements of it... But miss much of the previous version. Hmmm... We shall see.