Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mediterranean style house tour

While in Houston this past weekend, I was able to tour this Mediterranean or Spanish style house being built. It was quite a treat! I hope you can all appreciate these photos and not just the geeky architect in me: you have to use your imagination somewhat as it's still under construction.
The front door had this beautiful limestone surround and mahogany door.On the left hand side of the front was entry to the motorcourt with seperate guest suite off to the far left side (with the ventilation hose going into the window!).
You enter into a beautiful round stairhall with walnut floors and a curved staircase (no banister yet!). The treads and risers on the stair were also walnut (unfortunately covered with paper here to protect them). All of the trim, casing, doors and floors in the house were walnut.From the stairhall you entered into a gallery which opened up to the living room ahead. Terrazzo was in the process of being poured on the floor in a geometric grid, which you can see below.Below you see the living room as seen from the gallery. There is another gallery on the back side of the living room which faces the backyard seen through the french doors. Notice the vaulted ceilings in the gallery! Every opening in the house seemed to be an arch.Off to the side of the entry was the dining room. It had this unusual arabesque entry way that will hold an iron gate which guards the walnut paneled wine cellar.
Seen from the french doors in the living room gallery is this beautiful poolhouse with 5 french doors, spanish tiled roof to match the house and even a decorative chimney.If you look to the left you will see the sides of the house which wrap the backyard. Below is a view of the kitchen area and gallery. You can see the pool being poured as well as a hot tub.Also off the living room was a huge powder room. It had this really beautiful blue shimmery tile in the W.C. that I had to share with you.Off the kitchen was a secondary staircase, also in a round hall (with a windowed tower above providing light).It had an opening into a bar which was visible from the gallery when you entered. On the lefthand side you see the pantry, silver closet and housekeepers office. This is the top of the stair hall with windows providing light.But save the best for last. My favorite room of the house was at the top of the main staircase: a gamroom.
It had a beautiful wood cathedral ceiling and a whole wall of storage built in below a counter.
And the view you ask? It faces a lake of course! I hope you enjoyed the tour!


columnist said...

Looks stunning! Need a lot of planting to screen off the neighbours behind the pool house, but I'm sure that's in the plans. The archway theme is very appealing.

Terry said...

I like the cathedral ceiling a lot. It's not so very high. The room doesn't seem like a swimming pool. I'd want a sturdy rail for the stairs.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the tour - thx for this post - great blog!

kathleen said...

That's lovely. Are the walls plaster?

Toby Worthington said...

Fascinating glimpse of a work in progress, S.
Wouldn't it be lovely, left in its pure chalky state and not over-Mediterranianized once completed and furnished?

ArchitectDesign said...

columnist, it's a planned 'urban' neighborhood so the houses are all right on top of each other. It will take some creative plantings to provide privacy at the pool!

Terry, that was my favorite room too! the stairs do look a little treacherous without the railings on yet, but they were very sturdy!

Kathleen, I didn't check the walls (bad architect!) but I assumed they were just normal drywall and not plaster. I could be wrong though!

I agree Toby, I hope after it's finished it keeps the simple purity it has now!

Topsy Turvy said...

Stefan - what a great house! I especially love the front door and that curved staircase.