Thursday, February 12, 2009

Georgetown by night

While walking home from work the other day, I snapped some pictures of Georgetown by twilight. I just love this early spring-like weather -it brings out the best in everything! I wanted to share them with you, I hope you enjoy them!brick sidewalks, brick walls -brick brick brick!
I loved how this modern building along the canal looked at night -almost like a Mondrian with all of the differently colored rooms. reflections of an office on the canal.....someone is working late!Lighting can make or break a building, don't you think?
along the canal, I just love all of the little lights in the darkness.


Renae said...

I just love Georgetown....I used to cycle by frequently on my way to the bike trail to Bethesda (name of trail slips my mind right now). We got caught on occasion making a wrong turn and getting stuck in "traffic", so much fun though.

pve design said...

Your photos remind me of the wonderful ryhme,
"Wee willie winkie -runs through the night..
Do you know that one?

Kwana said...

These are wonderful. Thanks for the quiet walk.

michelle said...

I can feel how quite it the outdoor lanterns making hte brick glow.

I love your collections...very nice :)

CashmereLibrarian said...

That's lovely. I also walk to/from work (weather permitting) and I relish all the neighborhood vignettes as I pass by. Thank you for sharing yours!

thomas said...

really nice photos.

i love georgetown...a very special place. you are fortunate to work there.

Janet said...

I love the canal photographs...I just love the C&O!