Thursday, April 3, 2008

first entry!

The first entry for favorite china is from my friend at PVE! She writesthe all white

Attached, my everyday china is Royal Copenhagen china, white plain, and we have used it everyday for nearly 20 years! I love the shape and white looks good with everything.
I also have the Blue Half Lace and love it, just a few pieces, not an entire set, but I have picked up some over the years at sales for a song. I love it with white or color, solid yellow, pale pink, red, or silver. I love anything Royal Copenhagen, take a look at the site, now I love also all black shine which is chic.

I've always loved this blue and white pattern as well! Like she mentions it mixes so well with other pieces so is a fun one for mixing and matching. I have a teacup in this pattern but really don't have much blue & white -i need to work on that!

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pve design said...

Hope one day I will get to serve something architecturally tasty on my royal copenhagen.
Even if it is only a club sandwich!
Thanks for posting that!