Saturday, September 20, 2008


A pattern I have fond memories of is Harebell by Coalport. My mother has a large teaservice set in this pattern that was her great-grandmothers. She would use when I was a little kid when entertaining her friends. Of course now it's in a box somewhere in their basement!
A Harebell is another name for a bluebell that you may be familiar with. This is a flower found in Great Britain and all over northern Europe that grows in the late summer / early fall. The flower is a pale blue, but in this china pattern is painted as a vibrant turqouise which is brilliant against the white background. While the teacup shape is a bit old ladyish for me (but aren't all teacups in general?) this is really a beautiful pattern! Images taken from ebay


pve design said...

Oh, that is so divine! You must get that box and have a party using that china. I can see it now! That would be gorgeous on any table. Love the elegant gold edge.

Be the change..... said...

It is lovely, PVE! I think my mom wouldn't let me 'borrow' it as I 'borrowed' my grandmothers sterling silver about 4 years ago and still have it -LOL. oops! I keep 'forgetting' to bring it back - but I figure she still has HER grandmother's silver and never even uses THAT!

pve design said...

You know the old adage, "Use it or Lose it!"

David said...

Are you a dish guy too?!

My friend Rich has his grandmothers Rosenthal and is currently trying to talk his mother out of 4 places of her Thanksgiving service.

And I've got my aunt's wedding china (Flintridge, Bellmere pattern, platinum rim).

The holidays will be here before long, I've got to make a point to use that this year.

Be the change..... said...

yes, david -big dish guy here! Click on the category 'china of the week' -and you'll see all my past posts!