Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sans souci

Sans souci is French for 'without cares or concerns'. It's also the name of a beautiful palace in Potsdam, outside of Berlin in Germany. It was sort of the Petit Trianon of Germany: it was built as a private refuge for the king. Designed in 1745 and later remodeled by successive kings, it remains a perfect example of the rococo style. the front is built up on top of these terraces

detail of front caryatids

It's also the name of my 'good' china pattern by Rosenthal! I love this china because even though rosenthal has been making it for years, I have it in plain white. It's a great counterpart to the elaborate rococo tracery around the edge ( based on the main salon in Sanssouci) . A little modern ( white ) and a little old-fashioned -it's the Phillipe Starck of china patterns! Food also looks great against plain white porcelian. I'm sorry, no offense to anyone who has hot pink china with bright green polka dots. I'm sure thats beautiful too but nothing shows off food like pure white in my opinion. Plus if I didn't have this pattern in pure white it would look like someone's grandma's china!!
service for 12

I visited Sans souci when I was a German exchange student in HS and remember being blown away. Both by the ornate palace itself but also by all the very unique buildings scattered around it and the beautiful gardens -such as this chinoiserie pavilion!
2 garden structures

I think this was about the time I was seriously thinking of going to college to become an architect instead of music ( yes, even most of my close friend's don't know I used to be QUITE the piano player......i'm not anymore - practice makes perfect!! ).

view of rear of palace and view from the rear - the fake 'ruins' in the background are the waterpumps for the numerous fountains!the orangery


Scott Fazzini said...

Okay, I've been on your site now for about 2 HOURS!!! This is absolutely beautiful... thanks for the pictures, and interesting topics!

ps have you heard Rufus Wainwrights' Sans Souci? I'm sure you have!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Yes, I almost wrote about Rufus Wainwright's song here as well, but the post was already long enough! Really a great song by one of my favorite singers!!! Still - Hallelujah is my favorite song of his -I cry everytime I hear it!

Ma Ri said...

I love Sanssouci too. It was one of my favorite places when I was a child. Thanks for these beautiful pictures.