Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Architecture Inside-Out: Understanding how buildings work

Rizzoli is releasing a book later this month perfect for any serious architecture lover, Architecture Inside-Out: Understanding how building work.  The author John Zukowsky and illustrator Rob Polley take a look at 50 famous structures in detail including amazing axonometric drawings showing how they were constructed.
Both ancient and modern buildings are included which gets really interesting when you contrast construction techniques.
Did you know most of your favorite domed buildings are actually double domes? The dome you see inside is generally not the same shape as the dome seen on the exterior, like seen here at the Taj Mahal.
As I said modern structures are included as well such as German's rebuilt Reichstag with its modern dome.
I think the drawings convey so much more than the photographs.
Architecture Inside-Out: Understanding how building work is perfect for readers of any age: aspiring architects, history buffs, and even professionals will all gain something from this book I promise!


The Hunting House said...

No I did NOT know most domed buildings were double domed! The only double dome I've known [til now] was Brunelleschi's dome for Santa Maria del Fiore, mid 1400s. Thank you!

Parnassus said...

I agree with you about the value of drawings versus photographs. In plant identification, line drawings are always much clearer and easy to use than beautiful color photos, which newer books tend to emphasize. With drawings, you can emphasize the elements that are important or to which you wish to draw attention.