Friday, December 9, 2016

JK Place - Rome

While planning my trip to Rome everyone told me to stay at JK Place Roma.  Instead I stayed in another more central location in the city but after spending a relaxing afternoon at JK Place my next trip will definitely be spent at JK!
We made the library our home-base for a few hours after exhausting tours around the city, perusing the collection of books with cocktails and nibbles. The only way it could have been perfected was if the fire had been lit!
 After the hustle and bustle of Rome, even during non-peak tourist season, the quiet and sophisticated interiors were better than a nap.
 The staff made our afternoon so comfortable we decided to stay for dinner!
 The stylish restaurant is adjacent to the library (seen at the end of the enfilade above).
Great use of mirror and reflective surfaces make this the most glamorous restaurant in the city.
Keep in mind you have to be buzzed into the hotel but once inside the friendly staff will make you feel at home either for an afternoon or, I assume, for the evening! Located right near the action (and surrounded by amazing antique shops) JK Place Roma is definitely a spot to see.


Hels said...

To be perfect, a home or hotel needs to have the following on tap:
1. comfortable and elegant interiors
2. cocktails and nibbles (how did you do that in a library????)
3. lots of natural light
4. a roaring fire, seasonally appropriate
5. wide beach/ocean views or mountain views and
6. dark brown colours limited to the floor and low furniture

As I can see from the JK Place homepage, you hit pay dirt! I love it.

Dean Farris said...


Nice place to be for the holidays!
Thanks for the tip, I had also heard about JK Place-

Happy Holidays!


Reviving Charm said...

It's been on my list and is definitely where I plan to stay during my next trip to Rome. Thanks for sharing the details. I attended an event hosted by JK Place here in California earlier this year and the staff was so very accommodating and lovely. They have won me over!

Renée Finberg said...

i love it. i want to go there too.
and you're correct a fire would have been perfect.