Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The front doors of historic Nantucket

Last month while traveling for my birthday I took a daytrip to historic Nantucket.
Sorting through the many snapshots on my phone I realized I had photographed practically every front door in town (well, not really!)
 As you can see I had a beautiful day for wandering around town pursuing my favorite hobby: looking at old houses!
Everything is immaculately restored (recreated perhaps?) and hours of fun oohing and aweing over the many houses and gardens was a fun way to pass time.
While some vivid color exists the primary colors are black, white, and weathered wood (if that can be called a color).
 The operating shutters on this pair of front door sidelights were fantastic.
 I nearly got caught by the resident enjoying her front yard in this hidden away gem!
My favorite house was the over-the-top fantastic Greek revival Levi Starbuck house seen above; but more on that in a later post.
The historic core of the town is a veritable architectural dictionary of 18th and 19th century housing styles.
Notice the old wavy glass in the sidelights and transom of this  front door.  It was the least 'restored' of them all (and perhaps the most charming) whose resident was taking a nap on the side porch but didn't seem to mind my snooping!

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