Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Charming Buckhead, Atlanta

While in Atlanta and before my visit to Swan House we took some time on a very rainy day to check out the famous Buckhead neighborhood surrounding the museum.
Buckhead is the uptown section of the city with many large and beautiful homes including Swan House!
Atlanta is surprisingly green (to this northerner!) and most of the homes were beautiful traditional dwellings nestled into this hilly area.
While some people strive for privacy behind walls like the French house 2 above many are situated within rolling lawns.
Don't let the name fool you, there are many neighborhoods within Buckhead and all are not equal! I was shocked at the shear number of these beautiful houses.
 All levels of taste and style but one thing one can't say is that they're not impressive
I had to include this photo here of the most intriguing house. It looked to be art deco or art moderne but was sadly grown over; Hard on architectural tourists like me! We were so tempted to drive up the driveway and check it out!
I kept looking for the Driving Ms. Daisy house but sadly found out it was in another area, Druid Hills. The house above reminded me of it though.
 I was surprised that I didn't see more stucco houses - apparently my vision of the south is skewed!
 Not all of these beautiful houses are old; the structure above is under construction.
 One thing most have in common though are front porches!
This house was a bit smaller than most of its neighbors but had the same beautiful level of detail and a great front porch. What neighborhoods in your city are you fond of? Here in DC we have many but I've spoken many times about Kalorama.


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

This is such a foreign concept over here and such neighbourhoods don't exist. There are unique things over here of course but I love this about America!

Woodside Park said...

Beautiful and so gracious! I would live there! Maybe one of the smaller homes :) I've never been to Atlanta. I hear it's full of wonderful antiques shops.

Chronica Domus said...

Love neighborhoods like this. In our area, we have Burlingame and Hillsborough with similarly mixed-designs making up the character of the neighborhood, most built during the early decades of the twentieth century.

Hans N. said...

Here in Baltimore we have the beautiful Guilford neighborhood with many 1920's mansions of various styles. Nearby there is also the charming Tuscany-Canterbury from the same era with winding streets filled with Tudor duplexes. Bolton Hill is another favorite with beautifully preserved 19th-century rowhouses and little landscaped public parks, squares, fountains, etc. And of course my own Mount Vernon with its 1815 Washington Monument, 1920's classic parks with marble balustrates, statues, fountains, and landscaped flower beds nestled among the Italianate old money mansions and schools for art and music. It is such a beautiful city--I would have a really hard time living anywhere else!

roberta said...

Very beautiful neighbour hood! I wish their was something like it around here, unfortunately their is not.