Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why Beauty Matters: Roger Scruton

Why Beauty Matters ∇ Roger Scruton BBC from Vue Fine Art & Design on Vimeo.

"Beauty is the remedy for the chaos and suffering in human life...The beautiful work of art brings consolation in sorrow and affirmation in joy" - Roger Scruton

Last night I watched this video by Roger Scruton from 2009 on his philosophical view of beauty and why it can make or break our lives.  The past decades have moved culture away from the centuries old 'cult of beauty' and Roger (and I) believe this only hurts our lives. Beauty has the power to restore our senses and bring meaning to our existence.
Scruton's view of beauty may be rather narrow and classical, which I can appreciate, but the fact remains that one can find beauty everywhere in their life in small moments (something I celebrate on this blog and in instagram) and perhaps even in modern style (sorry Roger!). I would argue that there are many beautiful moments to be found in modern architecture as well, such as the work of Renzo Piano or Richard Meier.  Who would not agree that the Getty Museum in Los Angeles is not stunningly beautiful (seen HERE)?

If you haven't seen the video before I highly encourage you all to watch it tonight, it may just change your life view.


Karena Albert said...

Stefan, thank you I will definitely watch this video tonight! Yes, beauty can be found almost everywhere, if we just look for it!

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Chronica Domus said...

Thank you for this recommendation, which I shall attempt to watch this weekend. I seek a little beauty each and every day, no matter how small. It is a good philosophy to keep one cheery.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Thank you for posting this video, it is very powerful. When Roger Scruton said without beauty it becomes a spiritual desert really makes you think. Today's art is oftentimes trying to create a brand ... really thought provoking video!