Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Window shopping: Artisan lamp

I hadn't been to my favorite shop, Artisan Lamp Co, in quite awhile so window-shopped the other night. As it turns out thats the best time of day to check out a lighting store!
The store is enormous and they have a larger inventory on their newly revamped website as well as on 1stdibs. They've been carrying a larger number of vintage 'modern' fixtures since they sell well.
 The owner loves to mix up the front window and it changes a few times per week. I especially liked this interesting lamp above.
 And an empire style boulette style lamp is always useful!
What do you think about window shopping? Beats shopping online!


Blue said...

I shop online at Brooks Bros only – everywhere else wears me out. 1stdibs is overwhelming and for me as worrying and depressing as a flea market. Window shopping here in Atlanta is not as easy perhaps as it is in DC/Georgetown. We have ADAC of course, with its never-changing options, two Buckhead malls and basically that's it.

deana sidney said...

Hmmm. I would take them both. I am currently lusting after one that was on the old Olympic cruise ship (Titanic's sister ship). It is a great style and so
versatile. I love a great lighting store and yes, they are best at night!!

Mark Ruffner said...

Hi, Stefan - My current challenge is that I want a great lamp for my Pompeii Room, one that makes an appropriate staement, but which is small enogh not to obscure too much of the mural. I'm having a tough time fitting that bill and am now thinking that maybe a very simple modern lamp is the way to go.

For things like that, I really want to see the product in person, so I'm big on window shopping!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Barry - I admit I love to shop!
Deana -that lamp sounds amazing!
Mark, I think the juxtaposition with a modern lamp is a great idea. It's hard to shop online and returns are a pain, I much prefer checking things out in person.

Karena Albert said...

I love window shopping in certain neighborhoods, such as the Country Club Plaza here in Kansas City. I think some kind of an urn lamp would be great for Mark.

The Arts from Karena

Divine Theatre said...

I like shopping in my jammies! Sincerely, since I found Craigslist, I have not been to many stores.
Yesterday I picked up a pair of reproduction tole processional sconces on Craigslist. Who woulda thunk?

I am always so happy to see your input on my blog!



home before dark said...

I would be in serious trouble at this lighting store. That said I have bought many lights for my remodel online. Always a big possibility for disaster, but have yet to have one.