Friday, September 5, 2014

Inside the Villa del Balbianello

Nestled into the hills surrounding Lake Como is the Villa del Balbianello which is open to the public. On his recent visit my penpal thankfully shared these photos with us!
Last inhabited by explorer Guido Monzino, the villa is left as if he had just packed up on one of his adventures. Decorated in classical mid-century splendor there is much inside to inspire today's decorators.
Before going inside lets first lets explore the grounds of the villa as the setting is really more spectacular than the architecture. Built in 1787 as a Franciscan Monastery, the villa shortly thereafter became a family home.
The Villa and gardens were restored in the early 20th century by an American businessman, Butler Ames, who used it as his vacation home.
The views of the lake and surrounding hillsides are stunning. The gardens are kept simple to allow the view to take precedence.
Above you can see the original chapel with clocktower.
The carved stonework is intricate and fanciful.
 How would you like to wake up to this view everyday? Sign me up!
Inside the elegantly muted interiors leave the spectacular views to become the focal point.
I love these soft boiseries in the main salon. Notice the chandelier is not electrified.
 Looking the other direction the views of the lake are probably amazing.
I wish I had one of these 2 story paneled libraries in my own house! The chandelier is more practically electrified.
 This paneled sitting room operates as a sort of treasury or collector's cabinet.
 The touches of green throughout the house connect the interiors of the villa to the gardens.
 I love the very elegant sitting room above.
The dining room looks as if it could hold quite the large dinner party, perfect for lots of weekend guests. The dreary red carpet 'runway' to protect the floor finishes really ruins the effect.
The velvet upholstered furniture throughout the house is all really beautiful and not dated at all. The chinoiserie secretary is probably coveted by many!
 Notice the very (now) trendy printed curtains in the breakfast room.
 The villa appears to be full of many dining room or perhaps this is a study off the library?
 The kitchen remains efficient and practically simple but notice the stylish lantern fixture.
The sumptuous bedrooms again feature elegant candle-lit chandeliers. I'm assuming these would never or rarely be lit!
 The marble bathrooms are again beautifully detailed.
I think something is really charming about guest bedrooms with pairs of twin beds; I'll file this away for inspiration.
Monzino loved the Villa del Balbianello so much that he is even buried on the property. I can see why; I've added the Villa of my (long) bucket list of places to visit!


Stephilius said...

Lovely. All very soft and restful; I feel calmer just looking at these images. : )

The tree in the fifth picture is very interesting. It's been obviously shaped; of course, that's done all the time with certain kinds of shrubs and hedges, but how is that done with a whole, full-sized tree?

Mark Ruffner said...

A lovely house made all the more lovely by the spectacular view. And the interiors just go to show that something simple and classic will never go out of style.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Stephilius - very carefully? haha I'm not sure really but assume tall ladders?

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Mark I agree - 1976 or 2006? One can't tell!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Many thanks to your penpal for this lovely tour!! The grounds are absolutely stunning! I've been to Lake Maggiore but not to Lake Como. Saving this for a future trip.

Edward said...

Very Interesting. Last night I watched the movie "A Month by the Lake" on Metflix. That was the setting used as the hotel the characters stayed in.

The Arts by Karena said...

I would enjoy this view endlessly! I am also adding " A Month by the Lake" to my movie list.

The Arts by Karena

Bmore Bungalow said...

Hello. You commented on my blog a few weeks back and recommended I visit Kensington, MD's antique district. I finally got around to visiting and had a great time! I just wanted to say thanks so much for the suggestion.

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

OMG, how did I miss this wonderful post!!! The view and home is like I just dreamed the perfect setting for the perfect home. How I love Italy.