Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inspiration: Tom Scheerer Decorates

I recently returned from vacation and a copy of Tom Sheerer Decorates was waiting for me at home: a great way to get inspired and back to work!
Scheerer's stunning work should be no stranger to anyone as it has been widely published since the late 90s. I think I'm particularly drawn to it as he has an architect's eye (trained as an architect at prestigious Cooper Union) but a love for good living and pretty things.
The art of fine living is at the basis of all of Sheerer's projects whether they be private clubs (the Lyford Clay Club seen above), private homes (the basis of his work), or his own homes (seen below is his Charleston home published in House & Garden January 1997).
Sheerer describes his work as 'no nonsense' and 'cheerful' and one can easily see why. The book is full of diverse projects but this crisp, relaxed simplicity is their unifying thread.
Oddly enough I had just been admiring a project of his located in Sag Harbor, NY,  in a summer 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living and it was featured prominently in this book with loads of more detail and photographs (living room above).
Whats not to love about his undecorated work; Scheerer combines classic decorating with modernist touches which is how we all really live today. Get the extremely well-written book today! I'll be posting more book reviews this week as it's a way we can all be inspired.
Images courtesy of The Vendome Press by Francesco Lagnese and text by Mimi Read


maison21 said...

so good- just got my copy too. he does relaxed, yet still decorated, better than just about anyone.

deana sidney said...

You had me at the grisaille paper. Lovely work, and some wonderful pieces. Must give the book a look.

Hope you had a lovely vacation.

Blue said...

I had not realized this book was in the bookstores so shall buy it today> I just received "Ham House" which is wonderful if not a book about a decorator's work – an historic tome, more like.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

In the cover photo of his book, I really admire the way Scheerer has made the mantle, mirror and surround one element — stunning!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

Can't wait to get this book for our home library. And to sell at our shop. High on my list! Hope you had a great vacation - look forward to hearing about it??!!

Foodie said...

Tom's work defines chic. He (and David Netto) are today's answer to Billy Baldwin. Tom mixes custom pieces with humble wicker to great effect. Always appropriate, modern and supremely elegant. Obviously I am a fan!

katiedid said...

Looks like another "must have" for the library!

Karen Albert said...

Stefan his rooms are as fresh today as some were over 15 years ago. Love the relaxed, crisp feel to his rooms.

Feature: Artist Anne Harwell

Windlost said...

I've added this to my gift list! :)

Hope you're well? When are you having photos of your new apartment revealed for us to see? I am dying to see all you've done, although for me decoration is a very long, slow, evolving process...


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Tom's 1997 Charleston house still looks as lovely and cheerful today as it did then. No gimmicks or trends! I LOVE the book, too!