Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Jefferson, Richmond, at Christmas

While in Richmond, Va the other week, I stayed at the historic Jefferson Hotel. I just love grand old hotels like this and thought I'd share with you some of their Christmas decorations.

 The entry court is a recent addition but you can still see the beautiful beaux arts building behind.
The main lobby or rotunda has an enormous 40' tall christmas tree that had just been put up during my visit. Sadly the lights aren't on but it was stunning!
Looking up at the tree.
This mezzanine level surrounds the rotunda.
The palm leaf plaster detailing on the ceiling is beautiful.
I loved these banisters with the Greek key design.
Above is the floor plan. You can see how the hotel grew over time, adding many new spaces.
The empire room is one of the larger rooms available for hire; a site of many Richmond weddings!
The adjacent Flemish room has beautiful mahogany paneling.
The palm court has this statue of their namesake, Thomas Jefferson, and also holds the desks for check in.
The delicous restaurant, Lemaire, is on the other side of the palm court from the rotunda and features this beautiful bar as you enter.
The detail work in these rooms is beautiful!
I loved the carpet and Venetian glass chandeliers.
The private dining rooms feature antique limestone mantels.
And perhaps a bit strange to include but I loved the nickel lanterns in the restrooms; just had to share them as well!
If you find yourself in Richmond, I would highly recommend a stay or meal at this elegant hotel.


Paisley Curtain said...

What a grand hotel, it must be a treat to be in such an environment. With the lights on, on the Christmas tree it must be spectacular

LizaE said...

Hello, what a wonderful blog you have! I'm a first time commenter and had to pipe in to tell you that I too would highly recommend this wonderful grand dame hotel to your loyal readers. I had the good fortune of staying here this past summer (as recommended to me by one of the blogosphere's highly respected aesthetes, Reggie Darling), and found the entire experience sublime. Everything from the architecture, the top-notch service, and the delicious drinks and meals we shared at the Lemaire restaurant, were indeed memorable. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs with us.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Paisley, yes - I love places like this -even if just stopping in for a drink or to site see!

Liza, glad to have you comment! I had forgotten that Reggie had featured the hotel on a blog post. I'll have to go back and revisit his posting!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Looks dreamy! It reminds me of a time before smaartphones, etc. but I am sure they were ever present. I'll put this one on my Richmond list.

Ann said...

Gorgeous! Move me in but don't ask me to take the decorations down after the holidays, it looks like it would be a lot of work! A few friends have recently relocated to Richmond for work so I've been wanting a visit. A friend who is a Richmond native for generations (but now DC folk) keeps telling me that it is just a wonderful city, worth a visit. I will have to add this hotel to my list of sites to see. Holiday decor aside, what beautiful details.

Lord Cowell said...

I can just get a glimpse of the stained glass dome in the palm court. It looks amazing. The restaurant reminds me of Simpsons in The Strand - nice light colours and neoclassical details.

Lord Cowell said...

I can just get a glimpse of the stained glass dome in the palm, court. It looks amazing. The restaurant is lovely too - the light colour scheme and neoclassical detail reminds me of Simpsons in The Strand.