Friday, November 9, 2012

Shopping for antique lighting

I was in Artisan Lamp Co in my neighborhod the other day checking out the 'new' inventory.  I say 'new' because the store carries refurbished vintage and antique light fixtures. You may remember my blog post on it from last year HERE.  Since then I've found a few items for my own new place as well as for some projects.
I always love the very architectural empire style chandliers and they must be popular because they never last long in the store!
This gilded chanelier is beautiful and I loved that it has LOTS of lightbulbs. I have to say I love the chandelier I chose for my dining room from Artisan but I wish it gave off more light.
 If crystal is your thing, how about real rock crystal? Very elegant.
 I have a soft spot for lamps, you can never have too many. I loved this little art nouveau lady and the favrille glass one to the right..
 The crackle finish on this vase turned lamp was beautiful.
 A pair of marble lamps with ormolu might be more your thing? Very handsome if a tad somber.
I've love this French painted lamp and am not sure why it has not sold in a few months; waiting to come home with me perhaps?
 This unusual peacock lamp is really fun! Great for an entry hall.
They always carry an array of sconces as well in the back of the store. These victorian crystal ones would look very stately flanking a fireplace.
 These enormous French gilded sconces are so elegant.
And for the equestrian in your life, how about a pair of horse sconces?  I always think light fixtures are the jewelry in a room, so bling out your space!


Keith Davis said...

I like the peacock light and love the French gilded sconce. This gives me inspiration as I begin my own home decor plans!

A Perfect Gray said...

love that french piece. It's exactly what I wanted for my bath, except I needed a two light in that style - and could never find it!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Keith - the store has that and SOOO much more -it's really an inspiration! check out their website -they have much of it listed online.

Gray - I know you're not local but maybe check out their website? They have MANY 2 light versions.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I have a "thing" for vintage and antique lighting. I added two antique chandeliers in my house and I could always use more!
I saw a similar peacock lamp on antiques roadshow. I think they are funny.

Hels said...

The peacock light is gorgeous, richly coloured and filtered through crystal shapes. Does it give enough light in the hall way, or was it always meant to be more decorative and less functional?

Windlost said...

I am so thoroughly jealous! That is the one store I didn't have time to make it to when I was in DC, even though it was only a metro stop or two north of where we were staying in Woodley Park. When I looked at the map to see where you lived, I remember thinking "oh, he's near THAT STORE" and there you are, shopping at it!! You lucky duck. Next time I come to town with a full wallet, that needs to be my first stop. What lovely finds!

So glad you are finding lovely things for your new home.

xo Terri

Kirk Dale said...

I'll take the gilded chandelier. It looks wonderful!

Mark D. Ruffner said...

I could certainly see that Empire chandalier in my house — if only I had higher ceilings!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I'll take one of each! What did you buy?

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Acanthus, nothing today! I'm still on the lookout for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. I replaced my dining room chandelier and my foyer light from Artisan though a month ago.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

windlost, you would LOVE this shop, right up your alley! Next time you're in DC lets go together!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Mark, it wasn't THAT big!! There are generally 1 or 2 empire chandliers in stock but always a LOT of empire styled sconces which sell slower for some reason.

Lord Cowell said...

What an amazing shop. I love the gilded chandelier and sconces.

"Jewelry" is a lovely way to put it (and similarly both can add to a look, or detract from it!) DLC.

Paisley Curtain said...

These are wonderful light fixtures. This reminds me of my favorite blown glass table lamp that 14 years back I bought for $5.00 at a Kansas City good will store. I replaced the wiring and a new shade it looks worth a million :-) unfortunately in Oklahoma city area we don't have such light fixture stores that carry vintage and antique lights.

Thanks for your kind words of sympathy. It is fortunate to have friends who care.
Best wishes

Cote de Texas said...

my favorite is the rock crystal chandelier. i added a few of those crystals to mine, but they are soooo expensive! i could only afford to add just a few! rock crystal is so beautiful - this shop looks wonderful.

Karen Albert said...

Stefan, I love your lamp choices!! I could have lamps and sconces everywhere in my home!

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