Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Red House

My Australian 'penpal' has been traveling again and has sent me loads of photos from fascinating places around the world! I had to share 'Red House' with you, the home of Arts & Crafts artist William Morris.

The house was designed by his friend, architect Philip Webb in 1859. Morris wanted his home to be a "Palace of Art" and the Red House surely is. The gardens were designed to be a part of the house as a series of rooms: a very modern idea.While most known for its courtyard side (top 2 photos) the entry side is shown above; partly neo-gothic don't you think?

Sadly, Morris was forced to sell the house for financial reasons in 1865. The house remained in the same family for 150 years afterwards, a testament to its lovliness. It now is a part of the National Trust and is available for tours.

This 2nd story bay window has a really interesting stepped footing -almost like a chimney.

The little round windows on the courtyard side line a hallway, seen below.

The stained glass in the house was all done by Morris's friend, noted artist Edward Burne-Jones.The work that went into the house is really incredible. I love the woodwork in this sitting room below.

And no surface was forgotten; this tiled ceiling is amazing!
Update: Many thanks to my friend Richard for supplying me with a copy of the floor plans!


Ann said...

Ah the ceilings are amazing. Thanks for sharing such great photos!

Bob said...

Please thank your pen pal for me. What an enjoyable and interesting post to read this afternoon. I love those tiled ceilings which I had not seen before.

Ann said...

Quite the beautiful home. And to have a house in the same family for 150 years is amazing. I would love to walk through it!

JWC said...

This house is spectacular... i love the stepped chimney-like support of the bay window, and as stated, the tiled ceiling is fantastic.

Cote de Texas said...

this is amazing. that ceiling is to die for!!!! you never see anything like this being built today. what a shame.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Totally amazing. The corridor is stunning

Interestingly, the garden facade reminds one of Beauport

Max Dupont said...

Very nice post! I enjoyed it a lot... especially since last week I was reading a book on Lutyens and did some research afterwards on Philip Webb and this house! Nice coincidence :)

Divine Theatre said...

Oh my goodness!
Funny, I always have so much to say but when I come to your blog I am always left speechless!
I am always so happy to have you visit my blog. Soon we will be painting the railings and doors as per your suggestions.