Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dupont Carillon

Alfred Dupont loved his estate, Nemours, so much, that despite spending his last years in Florida chose to rest there eternally after his death in 1935.The 210 foot tall Carillon tower stands off the main mansion museum grounds (now) but within the original surrounding walls on the grounds of the adjacent children's hospital. Designed by his architect son through his firm Massena and du Pont, the carillon is still in working order and plays a number of songs daily, watched over by 4 stone eagles at the summit of the tower. Oddly enough, the mausoleum contains a 6 passenger elevator; can't seperate the industrialist from his gadgets even in death! Dupont's 3rd wife, Jessie and her brother, Edward Ball, are also interred at the Carillon.


Parnassus said...

I was just reading about the Nemours carillon. It is a good quality instrument of 30 bells, with substantial weight. However, it is controlled by an electronic keyboard, rather than the traditional manual one, which would affect many of the special carillon effects.

Anonymous said...

Still a great carillon that plays daily. Thanks to the automatic player.