Thursday, July 14, 2011

West Elm Pop up store opens

I had the opportunity yesterday to visit the new DC West Elm Pop-up store here in Georgetown prior to todays grand opening. Despite a massive thunderstorm, the store was a flurry of activity.

I admittedly went mostly out of a morbid curiosity as I had never been entirely impressed with their offerings. I considered them a smaller Ikea type vendor of low quality and boring design household items. I'm pleased to say they have proven me wrong!The store is small at only 3,300 SF, but they pack a lot of punch into their small space.The focus was on things one can carry out of the store and it is decorated beautifully. Even most of the furniture items can be delivered day of.Texture and color seemed to be the order of the day, two characteristics which keep the modern wares from feeling cold.In fact, I have to say the store actually reminded me of an anthropology: decidedly up-market bohemian.Featured were a few items from their new line of leather furniture out this fall and I particularly liked the lines of this chair (the 'Clean Sweep'). The quality of the leather was remarkably good, especially for the price.As a few universities are located nearby, bedding and bath items are part of the store's focus. While I can't talk much on the quality of the items as I haven't used them, the style quotient was definitely met.As the store is tight, inventive displays were used throughout, such as these baskets hung on the wall.As I said, they were busy preparing the store as you can tell by the employee hard at work below. My favorite item was probably this wingback chair named the 'Ellory'.I urge you to check out their new offerings as they have definitely improved upon the brand and if you are in DC, check out the new pop-up store in Georgetown at 3333 M Street NW.


Badger said...

I don't know who they're creative presentation team is but they should send some of them to New York. The store in Chelsea is dull and "safe" compared to the Georgetown store, it's nice to see that they're going through a little reinvention. I still have some issues with the quality of their furniture but the rest of their product selection looks great! It's also amazing to see the scale of that employee in that wing back chair. Our Ralph Lauren chairs are so enormous they swallow you.

Habitually Chic said...

I'm loving all the new stuff at West Elm. Definitely makes me want to shop there more often!

My Notting Hill said...

I loved it too. I think the new collection is going to appeal to a broader demographic. That leather was nice, wasn't it!

David said...

I think they've upped their game too. I'm getting ready to order the new horse bookends.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Badger, the items were more human scaled -good for city apartments!

HC, perfect for a new apartment! ;-)

Notting Hill, so sad I didn't see you there! I was at the 3:00 preview.

David, you should have let us known. Their new collection is fabulous!

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I have to be in DC Saturday. I hope I have time to pop in.

Windlost said...

Thanks! We are coming to DC in September and I will check it out on my Georgetown shopping day!


La Petite Gallery said...

Oh Please get intouch with me. I saw something I have to get..
Loved the post. yvonne

Grant K. Gibson said...

West Elm has really taken a new direction and I love it!
It feels so "world traveled" and clean and more timeless. Loving the new look.
Working on the design of office right now in SF. Using a lot of West Elm products. Can't wait to share soon!