Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The first stop in the Hamptons was the very tip of Long Island (to avoid traffic) - fabled Montauk. An old surf town, Montauk has really become the 'cool' young hang-out of the Hamptons with the best beaches and a laid back feeling in contrast to the other areas.

The coolest place to hang out is the charming 'Surf Lodge'. The vibe here reminded me a lot of the Soho Beach house we stayed in in Miami - old school, perfect and trendy: sort of like a photoshoot from the store anthropologie come to life.

Full of cool spots to hang out, such as the sunken living room filled with books and records, or the bar with fun game tables, this is where you want to spend the heat of the day while not eating in the chic restaurant or relaxing on the adjacent lake.

We were there early in the morning to avoid crowds so I was able to snap these pictures to give you a feel for the space.

Adjacent to the main building is the block of hotel rooms facing the lake. I love the private decks on each room with individual hammocks!

An outdoor shower is the perfect place to rinse off before heading into the restaurant.

The bucolic lake really was tempting though: inside or outside, that is the problem.

Even the transportation was stylish: I loved this coral painted retro bicycle outside.

The small beach town has a lot of restaurants, one of which had this sign which caught my eye. Now, do you think the piano player has to be able to multitask or hopefully, these functions would be done seperately!

On the way into East Hampton from Montauk is the oldest horse breeder in the country, dating back to the 17th century. What a perfect place to learn how to ride, right on the beach too! In the next few posts I'll show my highlights from the towns in the Hamptons, including the Hamptons Designer showhouse which was the start of the whole trip to begin with. Stay tuned!


Paisley Curtain said...

I know I can't get the job since I can't open clams while playing piano. I'm not that talented.

offset printing said...

Oh really the sign was funny! It needs a talented one to play piano while opening clams. Anyway, I think the place is really cool most especially to surfers and all. Great to find restaurants around the town. Very convenient.