Wednesday, January 26, 2011

San Simeon: Tower bedroom

Located high above the Casa Grande is one of the favorite guest rooms at the ranch: the tower bedroom (just one of 58 in the main house). Located in one of the 2 bell towers, the bedroom is like a disney movie's princess bedroom and many of Hearst's most famous guests requested this room when visiting the ranch.Getting there isn't easy and includes a lot of steps up winding stairways. While the outside is clad in white stone, the interior is left with the bare poured concrete walls which I think look amazing, especially with antique lanterns to light the way!Here we are at our destination, fit for a princess (or a harem!). Of course, the ceiling is a gorgeous antique and the main feature of the room.
Romance is the theme, shown by....ahem...the mirror over the bed.
Be careful what you wish for however, as a saint stands guard in one of the many windows!
This jumble of rooms at the top of the mansion is a maze; without a guide you would surely be lost. I wonder how Hearst's guests managed? I've heard that wandering around the estate past curfew wasn't encouraged (in fact was discouraged with dogs let loose throughout the house) so getting lost wasn't an option in the evenings.
Each room hidden away in these attics hold as many treasures as the rooms below, with the benefit of a marvelous view.
As with all of my San Simeon posts, written permission was kindly granted to post my interior photos of the estate on this blog only. Please respect that and do not copy. Thanks!


Style Court said...

Stefan, I also like the contrast of the large lantern with the concrete walls. The stairway seems so austere (in a nice way) compared to the opulence everywhere else.

The Devoted Classicist said...

How fabulous! Those planning to visit should be reminded that there are different tours of the house, and should allow enough time if they want to see all of it. Your series of posts remind me that I am ready for another visit. (And I know you are saving my favorite for last!)

Renee Finberg said...

these images are fabulous.
i could 'do' the tower.
it works for me.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

SC -totally agree, I liked the contrast and it sort of brought the 'tone' down.

DC - what is your favorite space? I want to be sure to include my photos! I spent the entire day there and took every single tour. Beginners mistake!

Renee - thats what the tower is for I believe ;-)

Kathy said...

Those exposed concrete walls are such a surprise....thank you for sharing this...k

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Kathy - they were! The Casa grande was continually added onto (and in fact never even finished!) and the newer additions are much more modern and less grand with exposed concrete, but in the original core the stairs were left the bare concrete for the most part.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Whether that bedroom is good design or not is absolutely beside the point. It is a true dream fantasy, up there in the sky, with its echoes of Arabian nights...terrific fun, completely over the top--literally and figuratively--thanks for the post---and glad you snapped the guy to give scale---it's clearly larger than it photographs...

quintessence said...

Wonderful! Love how the rough circuitous route opens into this splendor! What a wonderful surprise. And yet another incredible ceiling! Loving this tour.

Karena said...


Oh what a fantasy indeed, imagine walking up the staircase with a glowing lantern, holding hands with your loved one.

That said I love the entire room and especially the statue of the saint overlooking the happenings!

Art by Karena

Robert Webber said...

My remarks about this will be as boring as all the previous ones I have left. This is fabulous coverage of bits you never see photos of! Really getting now a feel for it all. Was it noisy with the bells overhead I wonder? Like the touch of the dogs being let loose!
Thanks so much for this delicious series!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Robert -not boring at all -i love getting feedback! Supposedly the bells were not loud from what I read but I doubt they were rung very often.

Karena -now I just have to find my beloved!

Woody said...

I'm totally digging that whole middle east meets west thing. And that sconce is to die for. I'm also very partial to the wonderful bedposts. Great shots; this is a really inspiring series of posts.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

As I look at this room's great windows, my first thought is that this must have been spectacular at sunrise. Also, I'll bet the roughness of that poured concrete was dramatic at night, lit by those lanterns. Thanks for the tour!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Stunning post! It is an amazing place to visit and to think how wonderful it would have been to live there!
Thanks for a great tour!
Jamie Herzlinger