Thursday, November 11, 2010

The faces of Barcelona

Everywhere you go in Barcelona, you are being watched. If not by crowds of people out enjoying the city and people watching, then by the very buildings themselves.
You can't help but notice the confrontational stares of statues on nearly every building. Beautiful, ugly, stately, comical; they all have something to say. The gentleman above reminds me so much of my father and I know what he is saying; I had too much wine with lunch!
This doorway along the Carrer de Ferran in the Gothic quarter was probably my favorite, flanked by this lady and gentleman. Now what do you suppose they're thinking? That monocle doesn't look very friendly!
This fountain, also in the Gothic quarter, had 3 haunting faces glaring out; not a place I would feel comfortable taking a drink!
I think the Barcelonians are in on the joke. This small museum had windows for an exhibition showing photographs of people facing the sculptures themselves.
Like I said yesterday, there is something interesting around every corner!


David Toms said...

Last picture is very effective. Great conbination of old and new.

Michael Hampton said...

Love Barcelona! One of my favorite cities. When were you there??

Picture Of Elegance said...

Great post! I love your interpretation...have a good time.

Kwana said...

Thank you so much for sharing these amazing faces.

smilla4blogs said...

Welcome home, busy friend, wedding planner and world traveler!

I have always loved photographs of sculpture and your depictions bring these alive in the most personal and delightful way. Thank you!

Janet said...

What wonderful details!

Woody said...

Those faces are treasures! I love how much personality each one has.