Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Casa Milà

One of the most famous Gaudi designed structures in Barcelona is the Casa Mila, an apartment building completed in 1912. This is Gaudi at his best with an interesting amorphous shape and amazingly colorful details.
Besides the beautiful ironwork which I've shown in a few of my previous posts, many of his buildings are exceptional in their roof architecture. Not content with ugly chimneys and ventilation shafts, Gaudi would decorate these utilitarian objects and turn them into works of sculpture.
While I wasn't able to tour the Casa Mila due to time constraints, I was able to bring a small piece home with me. Over the past few years I've been collecting tiny (tacky?) miniature buildings from house museum gift shops and the main ventilation stack from the Casa Mila now sits on my bookshelf in between Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest and Gaudi's nearby Casa Battlo. What do you like to bring home from your travels as a momento?


la cabeza de maria antonieta said...

Beautiful building!! I love Gaudi!!

BWS said...

Love these Gaudi postings. Just cannot forget these building. Thank you.

David Toms said...

Waht a shame Stefan, as the interior is wonderful, along with some great furniture!

Kwana said...

I love that you bring tiny buildings home. I tkink they are beautiful. I know folks think it's tacky but I always bring refrigerator magnets home. I love them!

Mark D. Ruffner said...

I love that you bring home miniature buildings! They're wonderful mementos, particularly for an architect, and they'll be tomorrow's antiques. My grandfather's first gift to my grandmother was a souvenir, and now it's a family heirloom ... Mark

theduchessofH said...

I don't think your collection of minature buildings is tacky at all. I think they are a fabulous thing to collect.
My son brought me home a tower of Pisa from Italy, and I thought it was so charming. He brought gifts home for everyone, and didn't buy himself even one little thing! He also gave his father back the euros he didn't spend! He certainly doesn't take after me! lol. I brought him home an Eiffel Tower from Paris, to place beside it.
I wish I travelled more, and could amass a nice collection.

When I do travel, I like to bring home a piece of local art.
Usually glass; but I like watercolour paintings, and porcelain too.

David Jordan said...

I recently visited Barcelona and have to say it is one of my favourite cities. Your photos seem to mirror all the places that captured my attention. Just beautiful.

VictoriaArt said...

Gaudi is just magical. Love his architecture.
And I think your collection is absolutely charming. My son does it too. He has all kinds of small buildings and structures in his room. The last is the Brandenburg Gate from Berlin.

Happy Holidays, Stefan!


Karena said...


The Gaudi is most amazing and I am so glad that you have a piece of it as part of your collection!

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Michael said...

Looks like Barcelona is your kind of place. What a contrast between D.C. and Barcelona in architectural styles -- you can hardly get more of a contrast.
BTW, ever tried the Casa Mila at sunset, on the roof? Unforgettable moments up there.
Take care,

Turner Pack Rats said...

i too am a lifelong gaudi fan.
i just took a trip to indiana to visit my favorite cousin - something i've wanted to do for years and while there, visited the Auburn - Cord - Duesenberg museum - a treat for gearheads and architecture buffs alike. ACDs were jewel like in their absolute perfection. they make a Rolls look like a Pinto. and the museum is in the original showroom and factory and is absolutely oozing with art deco details eg the tables from the employees break room are engine turned (google it). i brought back a Deusenberg Racing t-shirt and some Deusenberg stationery and two ritzy Deusie key chains.

security word def - "carsorab" - what your torso feels like after driving for too long.

DAM said...

What a timely post.

I was in Austalia over thanksgiving and during a trip to the Paddington markets found a sterling silver cup that was likely to have been given as a gift given the Xmas engraving on one side.

Pondering the purchase I ended up picking it up as i remembered picking up a few other silver/pewter cups on travels back from New Orleans and London.

Hence, a new collection has officially begun...