Saturday, August 21, 2010

colorful weekend

While walking through Georgetown yesterday, I really noticed all of the colors of the city in the summer sun. I hope you enjoy your weekend!


Blue said...

We had rain last night and through the night so the colors today, and Atlanta loves brightly colored flower beds, should be washed clean and sparkly.

By August everything looks a bit beaten down and exhausted by heat and a drop of rain will spruce it all up - as it did me. BTW Thursday on campus I saw the first real intimation of Fall - a maple turning color.

A good weekend to you, too.

Michael Mattison said...

Stefan, I love it when fellow bloggers showcase their own hometowns; so much to see even as regards minute details. It's all about keeping one's eyes peeled beauty that could be lurknig around the very next corner.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Take care,

Karena said...

Stefan what Michael said is so true! I wil have to get out and about and shoot some fabulous images here in Kansas City!

Art by Karena

David Toms said...

I am in agreement with Michael. I will have to start doing that, howver have to get a digital camera as I still work in film. The oleander is so pretty.