Monday, March 22, 2010


Washington is a city of fences. Most townhouses that have any garden at the front inevitably have an antique iron fence guarding their plants and hard work from passerbys and dogs. At the 'patina' house I spied this neoclassic design, seen below, very unusual here in DC where a more Victorian approach is typical, like seen above.
Do fences make for good neighbors? Love to see examples of fencing in your area!
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Hels said...

Fences, gates, porches, gazebos, lamps etc are all part of the total architectural package, even though they are outside the house. I personally prefer an integrated taste such that Victorian fences and lamps are created for Victorian homes, Deco gates and posts with Deco homes etc.

This is in my city, Melbourne:

What is horrible however, are tall, brick or concrete fences. They both imprison the home behind a fortress and give the outsider the feeling that he/she is definitely not welcome.

Patty said...

DC is such a beautiful city! I do believe that fences make good neighbors because everyone is happier when they have a little personal space.

Karena said...

I think these examples are so interesting . I will see what I can find out and about!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

I rather fancy fencing and the chivalry of gentlemen opening gates.

Janet said...

Is that the Morrison-Clark (top image)? I love a good fence (for lots of reasons!!!).

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Yes it is, Janet! Have you eaten there before? I've been thinking about it.