Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kevin Sharkey discovery

Did you know Kevin Sharkey, the editorial director of decorating for Martha Stewart Living, has his own blog? I tivo the Martha show for his all too brief appearances on the show and love his articles in the magazine (one of the few reasons I subscribe!).
We all know his fabulous office with the wall of blanc de chine and color coordinated library, seen here. Visit the blog for his signature style (that I so love!).


Anonymous said...

A veritable scoop! That wall with the china figures is a knockout - thanks for the link!

Samantha said...

I tried to copy the color coded books and realized that I have a ton of reading to do :)

Happy Holidays!


Renee Finberg said...

unlike yourself, i am not a huge fan of martha.
i like her but...just i just can't get 'into' her.
BUT, i love some of her furniture collections.
the upholstery that she came up with is super too.
her furniture, as i am sure you know is mfg. by bernhardt.
i just did a place where i used quite a few of her pieces.
they were gorgeous.
the finishes went way beyond what you might expect for the price point.

merry xmas my friend

La Petite Gallery said...

I love that wall with all the little wall shelves
and brackets.
Who does the dusting?

Just kidding it is wonderful..