Wednesday, August 5, 2009

R.I.P. Charles Gwathmey

Charles Gwathmey died today at the young age of 71, leaving the architectural community bereft of one of the pure modernists left. As a young architect in school, Gwathmey Siegel was one of the firms we studied and saw referenced constantly. He practiced a severe Corbusian modernism that while it has many detractors, still is an important style being used today.
Soho Mews, a recent project in NYC
Learn more about Mr. Gwathmey at the NYtimes.
Image at top of Gwathmey in front of the home he designed for his parents in East Hampton in 1967 which made his career. He owned the house after their passing and recently had been busy renovating and upgrading the finishes.


pve design said...

He leaves behind a legacy in his Architecture.
So sad, to leave this earth at such a young age.
I love the top photo and that house, the history and the design of course.

Terry said...

"Mr. Gwathmey thought of the house and its adjoining studio as sculptures. “They are not,” he declared, 'organic or integrated with nature.'” That's the spirit.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Terry, thats what modernism is about! gotta admire the strong stance.
PVE - my grandparents bought me quite a few gwathmey seigal books when I was in HS so he was a strong influence in my family. My grandparents loved him and had a framed sketch of his from an auction in my grandfather's study.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Amazing architect & I agree with PVE, he passed way too soon.

Kwana said...

Sad to hear. He was quite a visionary.

Penelope Bianchi said...

I am actually crying over him. I am happily married....however....what a huge crush I had on this man,

Way Young!! So, so young!

I am a decorator.....(Lordy!)

I loved his taste; his personality....and his adorable demeanor.....and friendliness and warmth. He loved teaching and explaining.

I adored him.


Abby said...

The Mews building is stunning

John Emr - Curator said...

I built his best friend Ralph Lauren's apartment with him, one of his last. He was a towering man, but very down to earth. I have great respect for his accompliments and his personal demeanor.