Monday, March 2, 2009

Style house - Pottery Barn?

I have a confession to make: I'm sort of in love with Pottery Barn again. Shocked? I was! While still not really a fan of most of their furniture (which I find too clunky) they have great bed linens and bath accessories and have started to go organic! I've just included a few of my favorites here, please indulge me, more interesting stuff below these images!
I love this sophisticated print called Bettina! There is another one similar to it with different colors too. Shown at the very top of the post is Fiona (why are they all women's names like ships and cars?)
This set called 'woodland organic' reminds me a lot of a very popular and very expensive linen company's popular print (who shall remain nameless here). It's very pretty if not my personal taste.The organic crewel linens are really exquisite. I love it here in neutrals; Just not that ugly clunky furniture!I think this really retro print called 'butterly' for obvious reasons is great for a weekend getaway!
But getting to my point (this is not just a free advertisement for Pottery Barn) on their website they have some GREAT video interviews of designer's homes which they use as backdrops in catalog spreads (don't you always wonder where these houses from backdrops are located?). I can't seem to link any to this post but please go check them out HERE
My favorite is the home of Martha Angus who also is a Carnegie Mellon Alumni like me! The home which is featured second in the list of videos is above: a pared down, modern neoclassical style. She has been one of my favorite designers for awhile now with offices in San Francisco and in New York (where she shares the office with Paula Caravelli). This is the most cheerful, tomato soup red bathroom!
I love her classic sensibilities with a modern eye; clean use of space and her use of well chosen antiques with modern pieces and art. This is how I want to live! Her home outside of San Francisco in Napa is a great example of this aesthetic.Her living room is big, open and bright! What a perfect room this is!
Check out the interview Decorati did with Martha if you haven't seen it HERE and Martha's website, full of interesting projects HERE.


Colour Me Happy said...

I love the pottery barn too! What's not to love? Their colours are so fabulous! And the way they merchandise makes me want to buy everything.

Scott Fazzini said...

Stefan- The natural crew bedding is BEAUTIFUL! Of course I agree with the awkwardness of P.B.'s furniture, but also agree that there are some good accessory finds to be had there!

All right, more importantly Martha Angus' home is STUNNING!!! The exterior is perfectly simple, and the living room in all of the cool colors with doors for day.... I died! (to borrow a Rachel Zoeism)

thomas said...

i like pottery barn too :)

Irina said...

love pottery barn! to bad they don't have a shop in Hong Kong.
love your post and since I'm also working on my new bedding at the moment, love it even more :) my favorite is the second top picture.
Hong Kong

kathleen said...

A couple of those beds remind me of huge cat-scratch posts. Just toss in some catnip and watch the shredding begin.

But, yes. Very pretty.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Martha Angus is THE most talented person I know.
She is also THE nicest person too!
Make sure to check out her work at the Met Home showcase in the upcoming showcase in June in San Francisco. Knowing Martha- it will knock our socks off.

pve design said...

Angus...her work is 100% Grade A - love it, just like the beef, and that beefy red bathroom is so fun. Love how the paint was applied, straight to the floor.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Great post. I loved the organic crewel bedding too. I know what you mean - they do some great colors and fabrics very similar to more pricey ones. This bugs some people but I think it makes those kinds of things available to people who can't afford the really expensive linens, etc. Of course, one has to have the taste in the first place! Did you know Katy Harris at Carnegie Melon?

Paul Pincus said...

bettina is my favourite! ... and i love the red bathroom : )

ArchitectDesign said...

Paul, I'm glad you like the bathroom too! i'm actually getting a bettina shower curtain for an apartment I am doing right now!
Hill Country, I didn't know Katy Harris at CMU. Is she a friend of yours?
PVE, it's all in the details: no one knows that better than you!
Grant - of course you know her, lol -how fabulous are you BOTH!
Kathleen - I have to agree. I don't know why their accessories are so great but the furniture so DRAB.
Irina, You can't order online? what a shame! The website still is fun to look at though I'm sure!
Scott - it's all about the accessories :-)
Colour - I know! they're masters of merchandising! I can't walk out of there without something, even if it's just a candle. And they have amazing sales!

Cote de Texas said...

I love pb too - always have though.

hey - Martha's site on decorati has long been a favorite of mine!!! great minds think alike!! AND I just read your Cuban tiles- did you get copyright permission....hmmmmm?????? ;)

Dawn said...

Beautiful post. Must admit, visiting PB is one of my guilty pleasures, though I seldom leave with anything. Hmmm...

Love the floating bench in Martha Angus' living room. I'm definitely experiencing bench envy now.