Friday, March 20, 2009

Adlon Party

Last night I went to the party celebrating Adlon's opening with B&B Italia & MaxAlto and took some pictures to share the beautiful showroom with you! chair greets you at the front door. Brainchild of the 60s -it has an umbilical cord connecting the 'mother' (see the anatomy) to the 'child'. Convienently it kept the ottoman from rolling out the front door! Weird but I'm sure it's probably very comfy.
The party was in full swing when I arrived!
Great vignettes had been set up all over the store, I love this shelving system!
The showroom is housed in an old industrial building with thick stone walls along the canal in Georgetown. I love these old steel windows (Hopes perhaps?) and the rough walls compared with the painted highly polished concrete floor.
The showroom is set up into individual 'stores' for each brand that they carry. I loved this chair in MaxAlto, one of the guests of honor - creamy buttery leather!
Juxtoposition is everything in this store! The modern with the 'victorian', the polished with the interesting!
Another great vignette. Notice the shadows -this store has exquisite lighting! See the 'vase' form cut out of cardboard and then a black edge done with a sharpie (?maybe?) creating the form. Thats a fun idea!
I can't get enough of those walls (I hate these chairs looks a bit like 'star trek' -see I don't love EVERYTHING always).
This lamp with the purple'ish shade adds some great color to the primarily B&W space.
I love these low couches and sections - perfect for a party (obviously!) This was the most popular spot in the showroom!
The wardrobes had 'clothes' cut out of vellum and backlit: I wonder what intern had the job of making these? Another cute touch in the showroom!
I loved this little seating nook - check out that gold vase and white screen!
So cute - yeah for color!! Love the stool too! I guess the white rug and bright lighting kept people from sitting here?The other guest of honor - B&B Italia - love these ! Also love the red dress, she really stood out in the crowd of black clothed guests!Pretty tulips near the giftbags -a reminder that spring starts today!
I hope you all enjoyed coming along to the party with me! You can visit their website HERE.


Kwana said...

Swanky party. The umbilical cord chair is a crack up. Just saying.

custardbydesign said...

the umbilical cord chair as weird as it seems looks like it might just be very comfy...i liked the b&B italia chair beside the fringed black floor lamp... question? vingnettes...what is this word, maybe we use a different word here in ireland but i dont get what this is...

Pigtown*Design said...

Is the building behind Georgetown Park mall? If so, it used to be the home of Conran in DC. It's a terrific building.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

custard -a vignette is like a still-life -I guess thats slang? I don't know!

PD, It's on 33rd street, behind Cady's alley - a block or 2 down from the Gtown park mall - right up against the canal. I think Conrads used to be in the store that is now Baker furniture, correct? Or did they occupy more than 1 building?

Scot Meacham Wood said...

Yay, what a cool looking party. And that 'mother and child' chair is hilarious.

thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

forget the party, I think the mix of elements and the industrial style is uber cool.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Scot, the party was very 'cool' - that chair was really hilarious -a good thing to greet you at the door!
Hudson -I agree - the most 'cool' of all was the juxtoposition of elements! Thats how to make an interior interesting :-)

Renée Finberg said...

i agree with you.

i hate the chairs, and love the walls.

you must be busy at work, or just attending parties.
i was missed a day or 2. LOL


Rose C'est La Vie said...

Lucky you!

I like the ghostly clothes patterns and the red dress!
That's a nice juxtaposition between the ethereal and the sensual. What was in the gift bags then?? Do tell.

Unknown said...

Looks like a great party and a great showroom. We have B&B and MaxAlto here in Vancouver and their showroom is housed in a similar heritage style building. It is a good juxtaposition of the old architecture to highlight modern furnishings.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic showroom, really like the whole vibe and the steel windows.

And the umbilical cord chair would make a such good present for my mother in law ;)

Wally said...

Love the style!

Janet said...

Since when did Washington get so chic? love it!

custardbydesign said...

thanks for tellign me what a vignette is - i guess we ust call them arrangement sor settings here... i've been busy in mmy work this week creating 'vignettes' for all the new spring and summer stock that is arriving into the store...maybe i should post for all y'all to see...