Friday, March 7, 2008

The silver lining

image courtesy of Malinki - this fabric is beautiful, I love this blue and red together!!

Recently while browsing 'This is Glamorous''s blog, I came across an interesting post she did on Malinki. Malinki creates dress makers forms and upholsters ( is that even the correct term? ) them in vintage and beautifully patterned fabrics! This got me to thinking about colors and patterns in unexpected places. This really hits the philosphy of 'god is in the details' - it's the little things that matter!

Having a regular suit with a bright lining inside is super fashionable, unexpected and glamorous. Fred Astaire did it!
the incomparable style icon FRED ASTAIRE and a basic black coat with hot pink lining

Painting the back of a bookcase adds interest to a room and makes the objects on the shelves stand out
Lining the inside of your kitchen cupboards is an easy way to make you smile as you get your cereal bowl out. I did this in my last apartment's boring white kitchen with chinese red contact paper; contemplating the same thing in my current apartment as well but still am not sure....maybe another color or a patterned wallpaper with double stick tape?? (What do you think? Please let me know in the comments section or send me photos of examples you've seen.)

it was a super crappy kitchen as you can see, but the red inside the cabinets helped!

Once I decide and do something with my cabinets with my current NICE kitchen, I'll be sure to post a picture. Remember to give me ideas though!
courtesy of David Netto designs -a NOT crappy kitchen!

Having the inside of your closet wallpapered or painted a bright color will really make a room pop and create instant smiles! That is if you can see the walls of your closet unlike mine that is small and jampacked with clothes!
Lining the inside of a lampshade will not only make it POP, but if it's gold or silver foil will reflect the light!!
I bet these cupboards have color inside, at least they SHOULD!

These dress-maker details are what really makes a house a home, portray your personality and make a room POP! So often the lining or backing of things gets shafted: the cheapest materials, the most boring color and texture. Having an all-white kitchen with blue inside the cabinets is a lot more dramatic than having a blue kitchen with boring white insides of cabinets. One requires thought and intent, the other is just easy and boring. Just something to think about today.


My Notting Hill said...

The last photo is one of my favorite kitchens. Our hall's linen closet is a painted in it's original 1950's aquamarine - I've grown to love it. Now I'm thinking I should match the color and give it a fresh coat. Definitely have fun w/your the insides of your kitchen cabinets.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

oh yes - stay clear of the generic! Aquamarine sounds terrific! I'll keep you posted on my kitchen cabinets -i'm headed to papersource after work to check out possible paper for the backing!

pve design said...

Love the intrigue of the interiors of kitchen cabinets to be painted a color. Mine are painted a pale robin's egg blue. Love opening them every day!
Wonderful post, and loved your red backed kitchen cabinets in your old kitchen! Cheery!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Your cabinets sound wonderful, PVE! I can't wait to get mine done - the blahness isn't very inspiring in the morning!