Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'll admit... what do I love most in life; what gives me the most pleasure? pretty....beautiful...the sublime -whatever you want to call it. I can find it in a cozy room, a collection of flowers, autumn leaves or glamorous fashion. Shallow? No. Why should we apologize for what we care deeply for? Our very passion in living. What do you find you live for? What makes you wake up in the morning? to quote Fleur Cowles 'I wake up expecting things'. I find them, generally in the details.

This is my daily inspiration.


pve design said...

That is what I love about you, you do find pretty in everything. it would be a nicer worlds if everyone woke up expecting things!
Thank your for being you and sharing "pretty" to elevate my day.

qerat said...

Could not agree more with everything you said. We should never appologize for what makes us happy.
And YES it is all in the details

Things That Inspire said...

What house is that, 4th down? Beautiful.

Sometimes, when I am down or in need of inspiration, I will open up my flickr pictures and just gaze at a slideshow of the images. I too am very inspired by 'pretty'.

Be the change..... said...

Thanks, Patricia :-) I felt it was time for a 'pretty' post :-)

I'm glad you agree, Qerat!

TTI, that house is a mansion or small country chateaux outside of Paris that was recently restored.

Great Dame said...

Oh cool, you even have the Swan House in the 'pretty' post! It's definitely on my list of pretty places. And I love how you phrased your thoughts - there is no shame or shallowness in feeling passionate about something. I don't know if I can express it well, but I like being able to add some element of beauty or prettiness to the world, and I think it's a talent to be able to find it in your surroundings.

Love the images in your post, and even though some of the styles are more formal than my comfort zone, there are still colors and textures in the images that are very appealing. That velvet chesterfield sofa is fantastic!

Be the change..... said...

Yes, GD - Swan House has been in my 'pretty' file as long as I can remember. I need to visit it!!!!
I like to think that my style is to live informally with formality and beauty. Not sure if that makes

MIMILEE said...

Oh how I love your post today! Beautiful photos of loveliness! I like pretty too and try to surround myself with things that make me happy. I especially love the last photo of the French Chateau......Gorgeous!

MIMILEE said...

My mistake....the last photo is Swan House! Oh so lovely!

katiedid said...

I agree!!! Why not have pretty in your life? What's the alternative?