Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

One of my favorite modern architects is Richard Meier. He is known for his distinctive modernist style; he is one of the 'IT' architects in museum design (forget Gehry, Meier is a master!).While in Barcelona earlier this year, I visited the Museum of contemporary Art (Richard Meier, 1995). Here his masterful use of white magnifies the play of light and shadows across the surfaces. It also allows the eye to focus in on the many different forms of the building; I especially love this play of curves vs. the linear. He uses the curves to mark different aspects of the building whether they be entrances or other special features -they occur with purpose. I love this rationality!!!

He's been around for awhile, in 1984 he was awarded the Pritzker prize (a sort of nobel peace price for architecture!). His signatures are the white metal square panels, expansive uses of glass rather than punched windows and the curves/linearity that I mentioned before. I hope you enjoy my photos!

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