Monday, May 26, 2008

Noah Sofa

I am so in love with the Noah Sofa from OLY. This is what I wanted my daybed to look like in my apartment, a real couch -but this is so much better! When I was looking for a beautiful daybed I kept finding wonderful examples like this that I loved but wouldn't fit a real twin sized mattress. If you want to make your fortune and want to know what is lacking in the industry-MAKE BEAUTIFUL DAYBEDS that aren't meant for little girls and look like couches!


Anonymous said...

I was Laughing-Out-Loud at your post .... It seems that some things never change.... I had the same problem many, many years ago when starting out in NYC. Fortunately for me I was working for Lord & Taylor (They had a furniture department in thoes days)
and Simmons had a "parsons like" upholstered daybed with a trundle bed that I was able to order in a natural linen like fabric. I then had our workroom make matching pillows to put against the wall.
And "wala", with my chocolate brown lacquered walls, I had my Billy Baldwin knock-off studio apartment!
As an ex furniture exec, maybe we should go into business an do a line of daybeds! Will

WM Twigs said...

Great Idea

Be the change..... said...

Good idea, Anonymous! lol - it really was a frustrating search for me -i ended up getting something OK but not great and definitely not something I will ever plan on keeping. It's a real hole in the market, especially at a reasonable price point

pve design said...

why not design and produce your own?