Saturday, April 26, 2008

So pretty

Gwenyth Paltrow is one of my favorite current actresses. She always picks interesting roles and is just so beautiful. I love that she keeps her private life private and is very well spoken. Here she is in Rome promoting a new movie -isn't she beautiful! So fresh looking! One of my all-time favorite movies stars her, 'Great Expectations'; Also love 'the Talented Mr. Ripley'. Check them out if you haven't seen them!

photo via PerezHilton


pve design said...

yes, she has great style.
she always looks elegant and modern.

Be the change..... said...

and she's a mom with kids! thats impressive! she's one of the few current day movie STARS

Pigtown-Design said...

did you see that recent photo of her with her dress up to her ass? it was not a good look for her, or anyone else not standing on a corner looking for work.

Be the change..... said...

no, i thankfully didn't see that! generally she's so tasteful, thats surprising! oh well