Sunday, March 16, 2008

weekend around town

Like I posted about last week, I live in a beautiful city :-) Because of the beautiful early spring weather, I got to take advantage of that and I went down to the mall and saw the sites and finally got to see the Native American museum! Beautiful building -i've included some photos of that as well - enjoy!

one of my favorite buildings in dc - the nat'l gallery of art by john russell pope

the williard hotel - love the little round windows on the top floor!

this is the rotunda at the native american museum and the front door - similar to the guggenheim in a way, isn't it?

view from the top floor of the museum of the nat'l mall

and view from the front door coming out! so impressive!this is nearby -the 'newseum' -opening soon -i love this staircase!

spring is here!

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Scott Fazzini said...

I have a very intimate love affair with the Nat'l Gallery! I fall more in love every time I go. Thanks for the post!