Tuesday, February 26, 2008



Timothy Richard's is an architectural artist working in the UK who creates wonderful models of well-known architectural sites using plaster but also the actual building elements such as glass, copper, lead, etc.
Kennsington Palace doorway, London
Casa D'ovo facade, Venice
Royal Hospital for Seamen , Greenwich model
Palais Royale, Paris facade section
These are incredibly precise and detailed models - ranging from models of just doorways to entire buildings. The prices unfortunately also range from $150 for a small model of a doorway or simple bookends to $10,000s for the larger models ( which of course are the most exquisite! ).
temple of the 4 seasons, UK, modelSt. Bride's Church, London, model
Casa Battlo, Barcelona, facade
Lutyens Temple, Buckinghamshire, England model

While many of the models are British in origin, the continent is well represented and my own Washington DC! Someday someday.........I love anything in miniature like this!
White House doorway, Washington, DC
Decatur House, Washington, DC. facade
Supreme Court, Washington, DC. facade

You can check out his website at http://www.timothyrichards.com/
pictures courtesy of timothy richards


Scott Fazzini said...

I've fallen deeply, passionately, and completely in LOVE! Those models are stunning! I'm off to timothyrichards.com to drool....

Be the change..... said...

His website is updated pretty often too with new models. If I had the money I'd have a living room scattered with them -maybe 10 of them on a big center table. That would be amazing!

William said...

The one you have labeled as "the temple of the 4 seasons, uk" is actually the Casino at Marino in Dublin by William Chambers.

Great Models though!