Friday, January 18, 2008

A new favorite splurge!

I know one of my few postings was about a candle: but I have to post my NEW favorite candle. While it will never replace my love for the Cleopatra, it's about $10 cheaper and I love it just as much. I guess in the perfect scenario I would keep both on hand.

Well, it's by some company called 'flare' and the box and leaflet have all sorts of cute little sayings like ' do you have FLAIR?' or 'flare for FLAIR' - I really can do without that nonsense but it's cute that their marketing team tried. Props to them! What they SHOULD do is just say - this smells REALLY good.

The scent I'm raving about is called ' fresh-cut' and it IS just that! It smells like fresh cut grass, lilies and lilac all mixed into one. It smells like spring and fresh air! It smells.....pretty! It smells like heaven! So come on over and check it out or order your own! They last 50 hours and are quality soy-based candles ( so no animals were harmed in the making of FLARE ).